Local production

We produce locally!

Our pieces are all designed and sewn in Poland. All linen and organic cotton clothes

are even made within 12km from our office in Poznań and our swimwear is made by

an amazing team in Krosno, Poland. Simply because we are stilla small brand we do

not have our own sewing factory but we collaborate with a few local sewing workshops. Working with local seamstresses and craftspeople allows us to be involved in the whole production process as well as ensure that there's the least possible waste in materials. This close relationship helps us ensure the mosthigh-quality items are produced without compromising work ethics. 


- we print all our original pattern designs on fabrics in Łódź, Poland

- our buttons & belts are made in Łódź, Poland

- all garment labels are made in Łódź, Poland

- embroideries and screen printing are made by small workshops in Poznań, Poland 

If you have any questions we would love to answer them, please contact us: